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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete: Stamped Concrete System is the best way to make  fresh concrete look like stone or brick, using unique concrete stamping products. Just visit Stamped Concrete Flooring Pictures section and you can see how you can use it to make your Concrete Floors more beautiful without high costs. Imprinted Concrete Products are offered in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs for residential and commercial projects, concrete driveways, patios e.t.c.

Imprinted Concrete is the most economical solution for exterior concrete floors. It has a long lifetime, resistant to all weather conditions, frost and sunlight, oils and acids. You can find it in a variety of Concrete Stamping Patterns with easy, fast and economic construction, giving a cost effective alternative to natural stone.

Stamped Concrete Overlay Products

Stamped Concrete Overlay Floor: Stamped Concrete Overlay without cracks or airbubbles is one of our unique Concrete Overlay Products of light weight, that can be used also on existing Concrete Floors, with thickness from 7 mm to 25 mm.

For Decorative Concrete Flooring, Concrete Sealer (acrylic concrete sealer) and Style Eco Sealer (water-based concrete sealer), offered by StyleBeton®, all with exceptional durability, are used to protect the concrete surface from staining or fading, without becoming "yellow" over time.

Stamped Concrete Overlay for Wall- Less time, less cost than Natural Stone

Just mix it with water.

Vertical Concrete Stamping

Stamped Concrete Overlay for Wall, DecoCreate®, is a decorative, ready to use overlay for stamped wall, mixed only with water. Fast and easy vertical concrete stamping with less cost.

Decorative concrete overlay, DecoCreate®, decorates your wall without cracks or airbubbles and with great success.

Wall Overlay is offered in a variety of colors and designs for unique and easy vertical stamping, with excellent bonding to any surface and protects both internal and external decorative walls, absolutely without cracks. It can also be used on existing decorative plaster, masonry, plasterboard, etc. after being imprinted, creating the appearance of stone, brick, tiles, wood, etc. For the construction of DecoCreate® you do not need any preparation.It is nessecary only water, mixed with the specific ready-to-use, DecoCreate® and special stamps, which are available in a variety of stamping patterns and Brick Create Overlay with thickness until 5 cm. Decochrom, waterproof and indelible waxcolor for wall overlay, protects the surface.

Wall Overlay Stamping Patterns. Every day better and more Wall Stamps and Designs.

Vertical Wall Stampswall-overlay


StyleBeton takes actual casting from the authentic stones.

Decorative Concrete Stamps Decorative Concrete Patterns

StyleBeton® can meet all your decorative concrete needs and desires: Floor Concrete Products, Concrete Overlay Products and Stamped Wall Materials,
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